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Introducing Sinc Time Clock

Sinc is the ultimate mobile solution for managing your workforce. Record staff time sheets, on-shift locations, hr notes, safety feedback and more, all from your mobile or web browser.

The Time Clock Tools You Need In One Place

Manage employee hours, productivity, HR and safety - all from one account.


Automated Timekeeping

Manage mobile or stationary work forces with ease. Generate detailed hours reports with one click.

HR Software

Human Relations

Easily track staff performance, both good and bad. This information is logged and quickly accessible later in the event of disputes.

Health and Safety app

Safety Management

Safety reporting between staff and management is seamless with our mobile Safety Hotline.

Time Clock Software

And Much More!

We're constantly adding new features to Sinc to make your lives easier and your business more profitable.

Same Trusted Methods, New Technology

We use the latest in cloud technology to make your daily workflow faster and smarter

Mobile Time Clock Software

At The Office Or On The Go

Full Admin functionality even on mobile: No need to get back to the office to submit payroll.

Mobile Timeclock

Backed by Google Cloud Platform

Our services run on Google's highly secure and reliable Cloud Platform. Downloadable backups and printable reports add further peace of mind.

Offline Timeclock

Designed For Offline Use

Mobile staff can continue to use Sinc services even with patchy data coverage. Information is smartly synchronised when they come back online.

Real Time Timeclock

Real Time Updates

With Sinc, there's no need to reload your software to see new information. It's there at your fingertips, as soon as it happens.


Hear how SINC is helping business owners just like you save time and money!

After weeks of using random spreadsheets and trials of time clock apps I found SINC and took it for a spin. Within a day I had all of my employees excited about clocking in and out. I was no longer spending hours at the end of the day trying to recall when, where and what everyone did. Also, the admin for SINC have been extremely responsive and helpful with any questions or suggestions from my end. I’m a fan!

Hunter Arb

Arb Design and Construction LLC

SINC was the solution to my time clock issue. Being a small business with fewer than five employees, I needed something reliable and simple. But even greater than that, it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to use. Thanks, SINC. My employees can now clock in and out while we are on the go. I can also edit times when they may have forgot or didn't have a phone to use. It has simplified my payroll process. Simply a life saver.

Doris Counts

Backyard Recycling Co. LLC

I would highly recommend this application. I have tried several applications that do not work as efficiently or might not be as user friendly to find information or make changes per employee. It is also very easy to add or remove employees. The convenience of it being an application is that you can make changes from anywhere. Another added benefit is that not only do I enjoy the ease of use of this application all of my employees enjoy how easy it is to use and that there have not been any errors in their payroll. Thanks for delivering a great solution for helping keep track of my payroll.

Bryce Dodd

B&D Signs of Texas

The SINC - Time Clock has been a blessing for me and my business. We are not set up with regular time clocks and keeping track of my employees was getting to be difficult. It's very easy to use and I'm sure it is saving my company a lot of money by having an accurate way to keep track of my workers hours. Would highly recommend!

Greg DeCoursey

Low Cost Flooring Outlet

Sinc was recommended to me by a friend with a similar business to me. We both run construction firms so as you can imagine keeping a tab on our employees comings and goings can be a challenge. Sinc has been great. I have tried many applications but this is by far the best. It is very simple to use, my guys can clock in and out and not only is the time recorded, but the location so there can be no excuses for being late or finishing early. When lates or early finishes do occur my employees are accountable because they know we are monitoring it. This has lead to punctuality being greatly improved and the hours being submitted on time sheets accurate. I would not hesitate in recommending Sinc to anyone with a mobile workforce.

Joseph Cole

All Build Developments

SINC has made tracking my employees time easy and accurate. As a mobile service company SINC is an invaluable app for us that not only simplifies the time clock process but saves us money too!

Jason Taylor

MRR - Maintenance Repair Renovation LLC

SINC has really helped out our cleaning business by ensuring that our employees arrive on time at our client’s homes. I’ve used other clock-in apps, but SINC is super user friendly and shows an employee’s accurate gps location when they clock-in. I’ve saved time and money with Sinc’s time tracking services and the ability to export the data into spreadsheet or edit when needed.

Crystle Lynn

Tidy My Spot LLC

The SINC app has helped us tremendously to keep employee hours organized when they are in the field. It is easy for the employees to clock in and out and simple to add or change hours if needed. This has been a time saving and cost effective way for us to track employees where we would normally not have a place for them to officially clock in.

Anthony Restivo

Direct Contracting & Remodeling LLC

As a business owner with employees in the field SINC has made keeping track of hours a breeze. This software has increased the accuracy and changed the way I keep track of my employees for the better!

Michael Niemi


Running a boutique event management and public relations firm, my team is always on the go; visiting venues, attending walk through meetings, checking in on clients, SINC Time Clock has made our lives so much easier. My team clocks in when they are working and clock out via their phones, and I can keep an eye on what's happening with my team at the same time. Running payroll is so easy now, I just grab my phone, click a couple of buttons, and my reports generate and come directly to my email. No more tracking down my team for their hours, SINC is the best, I love it!

Chereese Jervis-Hill

Events To Remember

This app is easy to set up and use, you send email link to employee with easy to follow instructions to set up on device (iPhone/Android etc ) and allows employee hours to be logged accurately. This saves us loads of time and makes payroll an easy task. Employee reports for hours work are accurate and easily generated and easy to understand. Would highly recommend this app. A very useful time saving tool.

Thomas Jones

Floor Coverings Essex

Sinc has been a tremendous help for our company. Before we did the traditional "time sheets" sent in weekly per employee. From there we would have to add up hours and put trust in our employees specified hours. Sinc not only summarizes the work week, they also have GPS tracking so you KNOW that your employees are at-least clocking in/out on the job site! Great App, highly recommend.

Andrew Mueller

Kustom Contracting Inc

Sinc Mobile App

The power of Sinc in your pocket

Sinc Employee Time Tracking App StoreSinc Employee Time Tracking Play Store

Your Truly Free Mobile Management Solution

Sinc is built with mobility and convenience in mind.

Our Mobile App allows management and staff to do everything they'd be able to do in the office, wherever they happen to be and small companies with less than five users can do it for free.

Free Employee Timesheet Reports

Detailed Reports In One Click

Generate pdf and csv summaries for pay periods. Store them locally or download them at any time from our secure Cloud Storage.

Free Employee GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Record and view staff clock in and clock out locations, as well as location changes while on shift.

Free Employee Time Clock Software

Shift Notes

Shift notes allow staff to easily communicate important information to management.

Edit Employee Timesheets

Easily Add And Edit Shifts

Edit requests by employees can be approved or declined in seconds, right from your Mobile.

Free HR App

Add Staff Feedback In Seconds

Whether your employee did an amazing job or was an hour late, create a permanent record with a few taps.

Free Safety App

Safety Hotline

The Safety Hotline drastically improves the flow of safety information between staff and management.

Free For Small Businesses up to 5 Users!

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