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Meet Jessica of Jessica’s Mobile Car Cleaning

Jessica is the owner-operator of Jessica’s Mobile Car Cleaning. When business is going well, all of her staff are away from the yard attending to detailing jobs at clients homes or offices. Her employees are like her family and while she trusts them to be where they say they are, she needed a way of being able to see where people were during their shifts so that she could invoice her clients with the confidence of being able to look back and confirm that her staff were indeed cleaning at the time stated.

With hundreds of different jobs each week it was impossible to pinpoint where people where at any one time and often customers would come back to her and question if amounts and times were correct and in the rare case that an unhappy customer made a fuss, she would just have to write the invoice off and not collect payment.

Now with SINC, no matter how far back the job was, she can look back and confirm who was where and explain this to problem clients. Since implementing SINC, the instances of these unhappy clients has dropped, and she now collects for every detailing job completed.

Andy Has A Real Problem With Staff Getting Creative With Their Timesheets

Andy, on the other hand, is not so worried about staff locations, he is more concerned with the accuracy of the timesheets his workforce are putting in each week. He knows for a fact it is a commonplace for workers to forget to complete their sheets each day and to copy off each other who they knew were working that day. This leads to an incredible amount of identical clock in and clock out times.

He knew this was a problem and had tried many different systems to try and address it, but they were either too complicated and built for large corporations, or just too expensive to warrant the implementation.

When Andy found SINC, he was able to take advantage of an unlimited free trial with a handful of his staff as testers. He soon noticed a reduction in the gross hours reported each week and an improvement in team morale as they were not having to stress out about completing their time sheets each Friday. Once satisfied that SINC was going to do the job, he upgraded to a ten user plan for $20USD per month and the rest is history.

Staff Rosters That Update Live So Everyone Stays Informed

  • Juggle tricky staffing requirements when workloads increase or decrease
  • New rosters and changes to existing schedules are synced live to everyone's devices
  • The next week similar to the last? Simply copy the previous roster to save time
  • Easier communication with casual staff
  • Notifications are sent to individual employees whose schedules are affected by an update
How staff rosters can work with detailing companies

Reduce Payroll Overpayments With To-The-Second Accurate Timesheets

  • Generate payroll reports direct to your email in one click
  • See what everyone worked on during their shifts with notes and images
  • Ensure data is collected if mobile staff are working with no data signal
  • Ensure company break rules are applied with automatic break deductions
  • Get notified if you want to know if a certain employee punches in or out
How you can take advantage of accurate timesheets in your auto company

Leverage The Location Data From Staff’s Devices To Make Smart Decisions

  • Store a record of location data while staff are on shift
  • Drains less data and battery power than a short social media session
  • GPS tracking brings greater accountability within your team
  • Give accurate ETA’s to clients when sending staff to call out jobs
  • Send the nearest employee to call outs by seeing everyones location
Two different screens showing gps tracking of auto store employees from the employer's view and the employee's

Build A Strong OHSA Culture Within Your Company

  • Remove the barriers to hazard reporting by putting OHSA on the front of mind
  • Take staff generated safety reports and generate PDF’s to your email
  • Eliminate inaccurate emergency contact details and get staff to update their records in-app
  • Bridge the communication gap between low level staff and management with hazard reporting
  • Know the last recorded location of staff members during an emergency
A strong work place safety culture in the auto detailing industry

We Are Dedicated To Supporting Our Users

  • We provide fast, industry leading support to all our customers
  • Fast responses given 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Same support times for everyone
  • Benchmark beating first response times
  • We are in the top 10% of first response rates for all Zendesk Customers in similar industries
SINC is dedicated to customer support

SINC And The Cloud A Perfect Match

  • Rest assured and let your timesheet data live on our cloud and access at any time
  • Export back ups of pay periods direct to your email for local storage
  • Send payroll data directly to Xero through our integration
  • Access your data from anywhere on all your favorite devices
  • Get notified across multiple platforms in the office or on the road
Showing how SINC works as a cloud based auto detailing software

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