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SINC Saves Repair Shops Hours Each Week And Hundreds Of Dollars In Overpayments

Jason is the owner-operator of a medium sized auto repair operation running out of Fair Haven, New Jersey. While the majority of his work is done at the shop, he does offer a mobile mechanic service which is starting to take off really. The busiest time of the day for call outs is between 3 pm and 6 pm on weekdays. Up until recently. Jason had been collecting timesheet data from a biometric punch clock he had installed in the shop. The problem was that the staff member had to be physically present to clock in and out. After these roadside assistant callouts, the mechanic would have to drive all the way back across town to the shop to clock off for the day when it would make much more sense to have him take the van home and clock off after the repair was complete.

This is where SINC comes in. Staff can now clock in and out directly from their mobile phones, no matter where they are. Their location data is recorded while on a shift, and this is data Jason can go back and check any time from any device.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting!

At the end of the pay period when it comes to tallying up all the punch times, Jason no longer has to do the maths of converting times into decimal hours for payroll processing. Nor does he need to calculate paid and unpaid breaks from the totals. SINC does this all for him, and in the click of a button, a report is sent to his email with all the details of that pay period, including any notes that were left during shifts or photos of completed jobs that he likes his mechanics to upload after each task is signed off. When returning clients come back, he can easily see who was working on their vehicle and what the job looked like when it left the workshop.

The time savings achieved after implementing the system are a game changer. Jason now has more time to spend chasing up old invoices and looking for new business. His payroll costs have also been reduced due to the precise nature of SINC, and the added accountability GPS backed, digital timesheets bring to his company.

Employee Schedules That Sync With Staff’s Phones

  • Eliminate human error by having the latest published roster on everyone’s device
  • Any changes made to a staff member’s schedule are sent to their device
  • Manage staff around your workload to maximise efficiency
  • Take control of your seasonal labor costs
  • Produce rosters quickly by copying last weeks schedule
Showing How You Can Set Staff Schedules Then Send Them To Staff Member's Devices

Say goodbye to inaccurate timesheets

  • Process the whole workshop’s payroll simply with a few taps
  • Set up company break rules that suit your shop’s culture
  • Have someone on notice for tardiness? Set up alerts for when they start and finish work
  • Record offline data when roadside assists happen out of cell phone range
  • Have your staff leave notes about repairs or photos of parts they are replacing
What Timesheets Look Like On Different Devices

Work Smarter Knowing The Location of Staff Members During Their Shifts

  • Knowing staff locations is perfect to estimating staff’s time of arrive to call outs
  • Data and battery burn are not an issue with SINC Uses less than a few minutes of social media
  • Record GPS points throughout each shift through the mobile apps
  • Want to send the closest person to a roadside assistance job? Just check SINC!
  • Staff enjoy greater accountability within the team and the security of accurate timesheets
A map showing the location of a staff member and the employees phone about to clock in for the day

Make OHSA Part Of Your Everyday Culture

  • Keep emergency contacts up to date with one click prompts
  • Encourage the whole shop to get involved in hazard reporting through the apps
  • In an emergency, easily see where the last known location point was of staff
  • Generate reports from hazards reported by the team and yourself
  • Make company safety communication easy with one simple platform
OHSA software for auto repair shops

Embrace The Power Of Cloud Computing In Your Company

  • Work from home, the car, or just about anywhere and from multiple devices
  • Your data is securely stored off premises for access any time
  • Sync to your favorite payroll system Xero for even fast processing
  • Keep local backups easily by exporting your data from SINC to your email
  • Know when important events happen within your business with notifications
Graphic Showing How The Cloud Works With SINC

We Pride Ourselves On Industry Leading Customer Service

  • We treat every account with the same care to ensure all of our users are successful
  • First response times that beat the industry benchmarks
  • Faster than over 90% of Zendesk customers in similar industries
  • Contact us anytime 24/7/365 and expect a quick response
  • Free and premium users can still enjoy the same level of support
Image Showing How We Support Our Product Well With Great Customer Support

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