Employee Scheduling And Time Clock For Carpet Cleaners

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Communicate Carpet Cleaning Schedules With Staff Easily

  • Write schedules and make last minute changes easily while making sure everyone is up to date
  • No more group sms or email chains telling cleaners when they need to work
  • Set specific tasks to be completed during each shift but communicating them in the shift notes
  • Set up specific shift reminders to ensure staff have enough time to get to work for their shift
Staff Rostering For Carpet Cleaning Company

Billions Are Lost Each Year To Timesheet Fraud

  • If you are running payroll based off sms or paper timesheets then you are probably overpaying
  • Getting sent a bunch of punch times and converting them to decimal hours is a thing of the past
  • Buddy punching is a form of timesheet fraud that is greatly reduced with our solution
  • Staff can see what hours they have worked that pay period on their app or web console
Best Timesheet Software For A Car Wash Business

Carpet Cleaning Is A Mobile Business GPS Shift Data Is A Must Have!

  • Be confident staff are where they say they are during work hours
  • Let SINC be your memory and see where each employee was at any time they were clocked in
  • Invoice with confidence for cleaning jobs charged by the hour knowing you have the data
  • Increase productivity and accountability by implementing a gps policy into your operation
GPS Tracking For A Carpet Cleaning Business

Incidents And Hazards At Clients Homes Often To Unreported But Not Anymore

  • Mobile workers can now report directly to you as incidents occur with photos and info
  • Be sure everyone in the company is aware of a new hazard with acknowledgments
  • Ask staff to update emergency contacts with one tap from the admin
  • Embed best practices around hazard and incident reporting into your business with SINC
The Best Health And Safety App For A Cleaning Business

Take Advantage Of The Power Of The Cloud

  • Enjoy our mobile and web apps on all your favourite devices
  • Take advantage of the cost savings of a bring your own device policy
  • Forget about having to keep local backups All your data is secured in our cloud
  • Do you love Mac but your staff members use Windows? No problem Access from both
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