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Communicate Shift Requirements To Full-Time and Casual Catering Staff

  • Let casual staff know they are required to work an event by setting rosters and publishing them
  • If you have to make a change then affected employees are notified at the time of the edit
  • Publish runsheets and important event details in each employee's shift notes
  • Shift reminders can be set to make sure everyone who is scheduled to work turns up
How To Manage Casual Staff Schedules

Catering Is A Labour Intensive Industry So Make Sure You Are Not Overpaying Staff

  • Run payroll based on accurate to the minute timesheets not rounded guesses by staff
  • Export pay period summaries with punch times converted to decimal hours to easy processing
  • Do your best to control timesheet fraud and buddy punching with account based access
  • Give your staff the confidence to know how many hours they are owed live through their app
Time Clock App For Catering Companies

Off-site Event Catering Is Stressful Keep Track Of Who Was Where During Their Shifts

  • Be confident your event staff are at the location when they clock in and out
  • Need to know if someone was working a specific event in the past? Look back at the gps data
  • No need to worry about excessive data or battery drain to staff’s devices
  • Everyone will be more efficient and appreciate the accountability that comes with GPS tracking
Staff Tracking Solution For The Catering Industry

Make Health And Safety Reporting Easy And Fun

  • Record incidents and events as they happen from any device
  • Ensure everyone is aware of a new hazard or incident by having them acknowledge each one
  • Gathering updated emergency contacts is a time consuming task but we make it a one tap job
  • Encourage high standard of communication between al levels of staff and management
How To Add Health And Safety To Catering Business

Cloud Computing Is Taking Over The World For Good Reason

  • Open SINC on any device without downloading any specific software
  • Bring your own devices policies mean no hardware costs
  • Access your data anywhere at any time
  • Works across both Mac and Windows machines
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