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Use Case #1 River Rafting Operator Needs To Know Staff Are Where They Say They Are

Shelly operates a small river rafting business along the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Her clients start their adventure at their office where one of her employees drives them in a minivan to meet up with the rafting instructors who are waiting at the lunch point about 45 minutes away.

Shelly operates her company mostly from her office and relies on her staff to provide their hours for the week but doesn't honestly know if what she is paying out each pay period is accurate. There have been times where she thought that staff were taking advantage of the fact that they were left to operate on their own and was looking for a solution to give her confidence that her staff were where they said they were during their shifts.

SINC was the perfect solution for her. Not only are the locations of the staff members recorded while they are on the clock, but the fact that there is often no cell phone coverage does not stop the data being recorded. Once they come back into range, the information is synced back to the cloud, and Shelly can access it either from her mobile device or computer via the web.

The fact that she now has accurate to the minute timesheets being calculated by SINC each pay period into decimal hours means she is no longer spending hours trying to collect timesheets from her staff and adding them all up at the end of the period. All of these tasks are all done for her, and she has the confidence of knowing that she can dive into each shift and analyse times, locations and see notes and photos her staff have left during each shift along with any safety incident reports that may have gone unreported before switching to the SINC time clock system.

Use Case #2 Zip Line Operator Needs To Communicate Shift Schedules With His Seasonal Staff

Brian, on the other hand, does not have the same problems as Shelly with staff operating away from his home base. He runs a zip line operation and lucky enough to see the whole course from his office window. His biggest problem is getting his staff to turn up to work on time and communicating schedules with his mostly seasonal workforce who are made up mostly of travellers who come to the area for months at a time looking for part-time work.

Before finding SINC, he would operate a shared Google Sheet with everyone's schedule posted but giving access to the ever-changing workforce and communicating shift changes was near impossible and getting everyone together at any one time during a week was just not practical. Now that he uses the scheduling functionality on SINC all he has to do is publish the following week’s schedule and every staff member who is listed on a shift that week is notified of the new plan. Any changes made after that are immediately communicated to the affected parties through push notifications eliminating the need call around staff last minute and let them know things have changed.

No shows and latecomers have improved dramatically because shift reminders can be set for individual employees to alert them to upcoming shifts and people forgetting to clock out are now a thing of the past with clock out reminders being sent for anyone still punched in once their shift has ended.

See Staff's Location Data And Make Smart Decisions

  • We collect GPS points throughout the employee's shift
  • Uses less battery and data in a day than a few minutes of social media
  • Greater accountability from employees
  • Know how far staff are from a job site
  • Decide who to send to a job based on their location
Showing the GPS Tracking Features on SINC in Relation to a Tour Operator

Create Rosters Easily for you Tour Guides

  • Create staff schedules around tour times and share with your team
  • Employees always have the latest published schedule
  • Copy the previous week's roster to save time
  • Efficiently manage seasonal staff requirements
  • Employees are notified when edits are made to their schedule live
Web and Mobile Versions of SINC Scheduling for tour companies

Track Your Team's Hours With Our Time Clock

  • Run payroll for your tour staff with just a few clicks
  • Tour drivers and guides can leave shift notes with photos
  • Records data offline Perfect for tours that are in the wilderness
  • Track paid and unpaid breaks and set up automatic break rules
  • Get a notification when individual employees clock in or out
Image of the SINC Web Console and Mobile App Time Clock Feature

Harness The Power Of The Cloud

  • Keep your data securely in the cloud
  • Export reports in Excel and PDF format
  • Connects directly with Xero payroll for fast processing
  • Make edits to staff shifts from anywhere on multiple devices
  • Get notified of employee actions from on the road
Graphic Displaying how SINC uses the cloud to provide software for tour operators

Don't worry We Have Got Your Back!

  • We love it when our customers are successful!
  • 24/7 unlimited support for all admins and owners
  • No difference in the quality of support for premium or free users
  • Our first reply time is 14.8 hours shorter than the industry average
  • Faster first support reply than 99.2% of other Zendesk Support customers
SINC Has World Class Support

Manage The Health And Safety Of Your Team

  • Record health and safety incidents from the field
  • Export incident reports
  • Gather emergency contact details from staff with one click
  • Involve the whole company in hazard reporting
  • Know the latest recorded location of staff members in an emergency
Image Showing How You Can Manage Health and Safety With SINC

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