For small businesses, obtaining success is a long-term, uphill battle and comes with many different challenges. However, there is one business factor that plays a large role in helping all other necessary aspects of small business success come together, and that is employee engagement.

Employee engagement is how passionate a person feels about their job and how much they care about the business they are working for. In addition, it also determines how hard they are going to work for their paycheck.

Because small businesses need so much from their employees in order to see potential success in their long-term vision, improving employee engagement should be among their top priorities.

If you are a small business owner, here are some ways that you can do that.

Share Your Vision

When you hire an employee to work at your small business, they need to understand why you have created the business and what your plans are for its future. Employees should understand why you have a passion for your business and how that passion plays a role in the business’s long-term success.

Furthermore, employees should also understand how their position plays a role in your vision. They need to know that their role is important and that the work they do will be appreciated and impactful.

In order to share your vision successfully, you should communicate with your employees regularly and update them on both what is going well for your business and what setbacks you are experiencing.

Doing so will give your employees motivation for doing their work and help them to become more invested.

Ask Your Employees for Feedback

For employees to be fully engaged and care about the company they are working for, they need to feel as though their opinions are being heard and that their suggestions are being taken seriously. When their opinions are heard, they feel valued and a stronger emotional connection is created.

Asking an employee specifically for their feedback is the best way to help employees feel heard. There is research that shows directly asking your employees for their suggestion and holding sincere conversations with them regarding that feedback is beneficial for both employee engagement and business success.

So, instead of just setting out a suggestion box, take your employee out to lunch or hold a special meeting with them to gather their opinions.

Encourage Leadership

Leadership opportunities fill employees with a sense of pride and responsibility regarding their work and their co-workers. These feelings lead to higher employee engagement and greater satisfaction within their jobs.

There are a number of meaningful ways that employers can give employees leadership opportunities and improve engagement including leading projects and committees and serving in mentorship roles.

Furthermore, employers can encourage leadership by offering opportunities for professional development that will help them to provide their team and company with meaningful ideas.

Promote Teamwork

Positive relationships with coworkers are one factor that has been proven time and time again to keep employees around. When an employee feels a strong connection to their co-workers they also feel a sense of responsibility towards their work role because they know that how they do their work impacts their friends (co-workers) directly.

When an employer promotes teamwork they help to foster the connection between co-workers and create a greater sense of camaraderie.

Employers can promote teamwork by hosting after work events, team retreats, and encouraging conversations amongst teams.

Reward Hard Work and Dedication

Small business employees often work very hard. They wear many hats and do a lot of work that goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. However, one of the best ways to help an employee feel more engaged with their employer is by rewarding them for their hard work and making them feel as if their work is valued.

Although it is not necessary to give an employee a gold star and a bonus every time they complete a task correctly, they should be acknowledged regularly and especially when they go above and beyond for the good of the company.

It's human nature to need acknowledgment, and no matter what the salary associated with their position is, all people want to feel as if their work is serving a purpose. Rewarding and acknowledging employees can do this.


If you are able to implement these values within your small business, your employees will be more engaged and your business will be sure to see the benefits.

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