DIY Workplace Health And Safety System

A collection of free resources and guides we've created for implementing an effective Health and Safety system for your small business.


Company Health And Safety Policy Template

A company health and safety policy statement is the starting point to a well received company safety culture.

Start off with our template and personalise it to fit the needs of your company today.

Job Safety Analysis Free Download

Hazard And Risk Management

Free Job Safety Analysis Template

The job safety analysis is an internationally recognized form of risk assessment in most industries.

Our JSA template is free for you to implement in your small business today.

Job Safety Analysis Free Download

Near Miss Report Template

Near misses in your business need to be reported and documented with the same urgency as actual incidents.

Get your staff in the habit of reporting with our near miss report template today.

Near Miss Excel Template


100+ Free Safety Signs For Download

Safety signs can be expensive, so we had some common ones drawn up to give you guys for free. Enjoy!

Job Safety Analysis Free Download


Daily Warehouse Safety Checklist

Managing hazards in your companies warehouse requires a change in company culture and the right documentation.

A great place to start is our warehouse safety daily checklist template and it is available now to use in your small business.

Warehouse Checklist Template

Chemical Storage Daily Checklist

Storing chemicals correctly inside your business is critical and needs to be documented.

Our chemical storage area checklist template is a free tool to make this documentation process easy and repeatable.

OSHA Chemical Storage Template

Chemical Unloading Checklist

Unloading chemicals is a hazardous task which needs to be performed carefully.

Our chemical unloading checklist can be used to document the unloading procedures in your business. Download it free today.

Hazardous Substance Unloading Template

Scaffolding Inspection Checklist

Scaffolding on a building site is a hazard with a high likelihood of injury if not installed correctly.

Our scaffolding inspection checklist template will help you inspect this scaffolding in a recordable and structured way, and is available as a free download.

Scaffolding Safety Template