Free Scaffolding Inspection Checklist Template

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This Downloadable Template Is Part Of Our Free DIY Company Health And Safety Program Collection

Scaffolding on a building is a major hazard.

Use this check list to keep your site safe from the most common hazards caused by scaffolding on a work site.

The fillable and downloadable PDF template can be downloaded below. We hope this helps you in implementing an effective workplace health and safety system!

The Team At SINC

How to Inspect Scaffolding:

    Are all the sufficient scaffold components in place and without any defects?check mark
    Are the base plates in firm contact with mud sills and the frame of the scaffold?check mark
    Are all scaffold legs braced and braces properly attached to the scaffold?check mark
    Is the scaffold secured to the structure to prevent movement?check mark
    Are brackets, tubes, planks and accessories properly placed with wedges tightened?check mark
    Is a toe board properly installed when necessary?check mark
    Are all scaffold components and planking in an acceptable condition?check mark
    Are all planks correctly graded?check mark
    Are all correct scaffolding safety signs installed?check mark
    Is a qualified, competent person in charge of the erection/inspection?check mark
    Is the whole scaffold level and plumb?check mark
    Are mud sills properly placed and adequately sized where ever required?check mark
    Were screw jacks used to level and plumb the scaffold whenever required?check mark
    Has the area around the scaffold been secured and safety signs installed?check mark
    Are all necessary guard rails in place on all open sides and ends?check mark
    Has there been a visual check to verify clamps are secured in place?check mark
    Is there proper access to get on and off the scaffold?check mark
    Has "Don't Use" tag been placed at all access points where inspection failed?check mark
    Has the scaffold control tag been signed and approved for this particular use?check mark
    Do all planks have a minimum of 12" overlap and extend 6" beyond supports?check mark
    Is the ladder secured and in place?check mark

This sample resource is provided to you free by SINC BUSINESS CORPORATION to help with your compliance efforts and includes no warranty as to its suitability for any particular task. It is only our opinion based on our experience and should not be considered legal advice.

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