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If you're not conducting regular site visits and audits, it's easy to lose track of momentum and miss costly errors that could otherwise have been caught early-on and resolved. In terms of risk minimization, every project should have at least a weekly status meeting with all department heads in attendance.

In addition, it's imperative that you visit the job-site frequently to personally confirm that progress is in fact being made per specification.

You can use our Daily/Weekly Inspection template to keep a running log of the amount of the progress being made along with the labor hours and materials being consumed.

This interactive Excel file is pre filled with the formulas you need to start filling it out and utilizing it right away.

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To ensure work moves forward as planned, inspection processes must be in place for every aspect, with routine reviews to ensure compliance. Regular inspections ensure that work completed on a project occur in a format that is aligned with standards and regulations. Inspections are generally the contractual responsibility of the contractors with the intent of assuring clients or third-party shareholders of the quality of ongoing work.

Inspections on a construction site are usually performed by a member of the contractor's team, the project manager, or a third party consultant hired-in for the purpose. In some cases, especially on large installations or structures, it may be necessary for each department to bring in an entire team of inspectors. Often too the designers or architects may be called in as part of an inspection to confirm the completed work matches their intentions and specifications.

Inspection is a common tool employed in the verification of quality, and inspections can be performed for a wide multitude of reasons. Some of the more common include daily on-site inspections by management, detailed engineering inspections on the quality of structural materials, documentation and compliance inspections, the review and discussion of deviations and errors, inspections of site contamination, waste disposal, and even worker safety compliance.

This sample resource is provided to you free by SINC BUSINESS CORPORATION to help with your compliance efforts and includes no warranty as to its suitability for any particular task. It is only our opinion based on our experience and should not be considered legal advice.

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