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Before beginning any construction project, you need to be sure you've broken every aspect of the project into scheduled tasks with clear milestones. Our free construction project timeline template can help you do just that!

This interactive Excel file is pre filled with the formulas you need to start filling it out and utilizing it right away.

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Construction Project Timeline Template

In the construction industry, delays and related cost increases are a constant source of headaches. Whether it’s a small residential build or a massive commercial structure, your skill in building a solid project timeline is crucial for the management of the overall project and will determine the extent of schedule slip, if any.

How Does A Timeline Improve The Project?

Similar to how a project manager chops up a project into easily manageable pieces, a construction project timeline breaks large construction elements into small tasks each with their individual schedules of milestones and deadlines.

What Does It Show?

The timeline gives all interested parties a wide-angle view of every element which must be completed, who is accountable for each element, and when each element needs to be completed.

How Does It Help Allocate?

A well-defined construction timeline will allocate specific milestones to specific people to define responsibility, and to material or equipment resources to ensure their availability when needed.

What Are Some Benefits Of Timelines?

A good timeline will greatly improve the overall management of a project. On one hand it can simplify project planning and execution, and on the other, help keep everyone on the same page, from the general contractor down to individual suppliers and subcontractors.

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