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One of the final stages of construction is the work completion inspection, otherwise known as the Punch List. The objective of this stage is ensuring that all the work that has been done aligns with the project specifications and plans, and that it has been done to a high degree of quality.

You can use our Project Punch List template to keep a record of any issues that need adjusting.

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One of the last stages of any construction project is the final inspection to ensure that all 'i's have been dotted and all 't's have been crossed. In this stage, the project manager uses a document called a 'punch list' aka 'close-out checklist' which lays out a list of all the remaining tasks to be completed to finalize the project. Typically, each of these tasks are the result of an error affected earlier on - a problem highlighted by an earlier inspection.

Hence, the punch list will have a record of all the areas of the project that are holding up the final payment. These will have been highlighted by the GC on a walkthrough of the structure with the project owner. There could be minor cracks, unfinished living spaces, missing safety lighting, and even basic repairs. If all tasks have been highlighted and completed, the building will be ready for occupancy. That means every fixture installed, and every wall painted. Also included in the punch list will be items that require testing such as boilers, thermostats, fire and safety equipment, plumbing, electrical, phones and intercom, and HVAC.

Before a final completion certificate can be signed, the GC will need to check that each of their subcontractors have completed the work to an acceptable level of quality. The punch list will then go to the project architect who will do another walkthrough to confirm that the structure matches his or her specifications and if not, any irregularities will go back on the punch list for the GC to delegate to the relevant subcontractors. It's in the GC's best interest to ensure the entire process is extremely well documented and executed, as final payment can be held-up indefinitely while punch list items sit outstanding.

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