Construction Project RFI Request For Information Log Template

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As is typical with any major project, there are always a number of questions that need answering. Contractors may need clarification on specifications or change orders, and subcontractors may need more information with regards forthcoming payments.

In all cases where one stakeholder needs information from another, an RFI (Request for Information) is submitted. To ensure communication flows without delay, you will need to have a system in place to collect these requests and ensure they are answered.

You can use our free RFI Log template to keep all the questions and answers organized in one place.

This interactive Excel file is pre filled with the formulas you need to start filling it out and utilizing it right away.

The Team At SINC

Anytime a stakeholder in a construction project has a need for clarification on an issue, they can submit a Request for Information (RFI). An RFI is essentially an official document that can be sent either up or down the chain requesting information on a project. The RFI is then logged into a central database where it can be viewed, answered, and reviewed again down the road as confirmation.

In some cases, the request could come as a result of a fault that was found in a structure and the specialists need information from the architect. Alternatively, the architect may need confirmation on the usage of a particular material and would sent a RFI to the general contracator. RFIs are also used when preparing contracts; the contractor may require confirmation on the square-footage of a wall or on the weight capacity of a particular mounting when setting tasks in the Scope of Work. RFIs are also often used to get business information on potential partners, financial stability, etc. It's common to see them in the preliminary notice. An RFI might even be sent for something as basic as a list of potential materials suppliers in the area that can be used.

The value of RFIs is that they capture important information in one place providing a secure, single location where data can be accessed quickly and easily by stakeholders and reviewed at a later date in case of concerns. RFIs are a time-sensitive form of communication, requiring a response within a specific period of receipt so work doesn't have to be delayed while workers await a response.

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