Free Home Renovation Or Residential Construction Project Timeline Template

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The next time you need to remodel an entire house, you're going to want to ensure you have the project work plan laid out in such a way that everything connects together in a logical order.

Often, contractors use a ** Gantt chart** for this as it provides a very easy to read and understand view of project tasks. You can use our free Residential Remodel Timeline template to help ensure you have everything captured so the project progresses smoothly and on schedule.

This interactive Excel file is pre filled with the formulas you need to start filling it out and utilizing it right away.

The Team At SINC

When managing construction projects, you have to manage schedules, balance budgets and try to keep everyone happy. And changes in any one phase of construction can ripple through the remainder of the schedule. This is why it's so important to develop a thorough project plan.

Using a gantt chart makes it much simpler to put together, manage and communicate the construction schedule so that everyone is operating with the same goal in mind. Schedule and allocate tasks for your team and subcontractors, and then share the build schedule with stakeholders and customers to make sure they're kept in the loop every step of the way.

Thanks to Gantt charts being such highly visual tools, you can easily see what's coming up next in the pipeline and what tasks are either on schedule, falling behind, or in danger of running over time. In this way, you can catch potential slippage or overruns in the project plan and tweak the timeline to keep construction on track.

To make sure things are headed in the right direction, there are certain milestones in every construction project that need to be met. Contract sign-offs, construction inspections, or even phase completion can be set as milestones in your project plan. By adding dependencies to your tasks, you can streamline schedule refinements and ensure that the work continues to be done in the proper sequence. If you advance a task in the timeline, all dependent tasks are advanced along with it.

This sample resource is provided to you free by SINC BUSINESS CORPORATION to help with your compliance efforts and includes no warranty as to its suitability for any particular task. It is only our opinion based on our experience and should not be considered legal advice.

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