Job Offer Email Template

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This Downloadable Template Is Part Of Our Free HR Tool Kit Collection

Making an official job offer to successful applicants is an important step in the hiring process. Our handy job offer template is designed to fit the needs of a typical small business.

The word document can be downloaded for free below. We hope this makes managing your small business HR needs a little easier!

The Team At SINC

Job Offer Template:

Hello [Name],

Over these last few weeks, we have enjoyed speaking with you and getting to know you. I speak for the whole team and myself when I say that we are all impressed with your background and [skill set, unique experience, recent education, etc…], which is why I would like to formally offer you a position as a [position title] at [Company Name]. Congratulations!

We can offer you $[annual base salary] and [bonus and equity information, if equitable]. We also can include in this job offer [benefits details] and [number of days] days of vacation per year.

We’re eager to begin the discussing when you’ll start! Based on what is possible on your end, we’d be excited to have you start [asap / or by a specific date].

Please contact me with any questions or if you wish to discuss further details of this offer. We’re looking forward to working with you, and I honestly believe you are going to be a great asset to our team here at [Company Name]!

Sincerely, [name]

This sample resource is provided to you free by SINC BUSINESS CORPORATION to help with your compliance efforts and includes no warranty as to its suitability for any particular task. It is only our opinion based on our experience and should not be considered legal advice.

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