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Hiring a new employee is a two-way street. It’s just as important that the new employee feel good about working for you, as it is the other way around. And a crucial factor in your new employee’s first impression of your company will be the onboarding process.

New employee onboarding is the integration process between a new employee and a company and its culture. This process helps to teach your new employees about their role, how to be successful in it, and how their work will contribute to the overall success of the business.

An essential part of the employee onboarding process is the new employee announcement. When bringing a new employee to the team, a new employee announcement should not be overlooked, along with a series of other tasks that all contribute to a positive onboarding experience.

Download our free Word template to use in this process.

The Word template can be downloaded below. We hope this makes managing your small business HR needs a little easier!

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What Exactly Is the Onboarding Process and Why Does It Matter?

New employee onboarding starts the second a new employee is hired and lasts for three months. Onboarding is about connecting with your new employee and setting them up for success by helping them understand their new workplace and building positive relationships within it. Within the first three months of a new job, about one-third of employees quit, making onboarding all the more important.

A poor onboarding experience can quickly lead to employee discontentment and attrition, while a positive one can pave the way for a successful, long-lasting working relationship.

Positive onboarding experiences often include:

    A well-prepared first daycheck mark
    New-hire trainingcheck mark
    An assigned mentorcheck mark
    Scheduled check-ins with the new employeecheck mark
    New employee announcements and welcome letterscheck mark

New Employee Announcement Template:

Greetings everyone,

I hope this letter finds you all well! I have some great news.

It is my pleasure to announce that [Employee Name] will be joining our team as a [job title] on [start date].

[Employee Name] will work with [Department/Team] to [brief description of duties, title, etc.]. He/She has previously worked at/in [work/industry experience overview or recent graduation, etc.]. We’re so excited that [Company Name] has joined our team.

As you’re able, please take a moment to introduce yourself to [Employee Name], and join me in welcoming our newest team member!



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