New Employee Announcement Email Template

Announcing the arrival of a new employee to your team is an important part of the onboarding process. You want that employee to feel welcome and for others to be aware of them.

Download our free template to use in this process.

Greetings everyone,

I hope this letter finds you all well! I have some great news.

It is my pleasure to announce that [Employee Name] will be joining our team as a [job title] on [start date].

[Employee Name] will work with [Department/Team] to [brief description of duties, title, etc.]. He/She has previously worked at/in [work/industry experience overview or recent graduation, etc.]. We’re so excited that [Company Name] has joined our team.

As you’re able, please take a moment to introduce yourself to [Employee Name], and join me in welcoming our newest team member!



New Team Member Company Announcement

The Word template can be downloaded below. We hope this makes managing your small business HR needs a little easier!

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