HR Tool Kit

A collection of free downloadable resources and guides we've created to meet some common Human Relations requirements for small businesses.


Hiring Process Checklist Template

A bad hire can be a disaster for small companies and a strict hiring process should be employed no matter the size of your company.

This checklist runs through what we believe to be the basics of the hiring process and help you make smart hiring decisions.

Hiring Process Checklist Template Free Download

Job Description Creation Template

Before you can begin advertising a new position in your company, a clear and defined job description needs to be in place.

You may know exactly what you require from the new employee but having it in writing is critical. This template will help you create a job description from scratch.

Job Description Creation Template Free Download

Job Offer Email Template

Once you have made a decision on the success job applicant(s) they need to be informed.

This free template shows you the correct way to make an official job offer.

Job Offer Email Template Free Download

Employee Application Form Template

This application form template is made for sending to new job applicants to gather the necessary information to start the hiring process.

Employee Application Form Template Free Download

New Employee Welcome Letter

Welcoming your new members into the team should happen before their first day.

This email template helps you make an important initial contact with your new hire.

New Employee Welcome LetterFree Download

New Employee Announcement Email Template

Do you have a new employee starting at your company and want to let the rest of the team know?

Our employee announcement email template suits most companies and is free to download.

New Employee Annoucenemnt Template Free Download


Employee Performance Evaluation Checklist Template

It is imperative that your staff know exactly what is expected of their performance, regardless of the size of your company.

Implement employee performance evaluations into your small business today with our free employee performance evaluation checklist template.

Performance Review

Employee Promotion Letter Template

Letting an employee know that they have received a promotion should be a formal process.

Our free letter template will help you do just that.

Promotion Letter In Word Format

Employee Recognition Letter Template

Finding the right words to express your appreciation for an employee’s job well done can be hard.

Use our free employee recognition letter template to let your staff member know how much they are appreciated.

Thanking Employees


Employee Investigation Form Template

Do you have an incident in your company that warrants an investigation?

Employee investigations need to be documented correctly in case of future legal action.

This form covers what we believe are the basics in conducting an investigation into an employee.

Employee Investigation Form Template Free Download

Letter Template for Inviting Employee to Investigation Meeting

At some point of your employee investigation, you will want to invite the subject employee to a meeting to hear their account of the events in question.

Use this template to send the staff member an invite to the meeting.

Letter Template for Inviting Employee to Investigation Meeting

Letter Informing Employee They Are The Subject Of An Investigaton

Once an employee investigation is underway, you will need to inform the employee that they are subject to an investigation.

How you go about this process is important and our letter template suits most small business situations.

Letter Informing Employee They Are The Subject Of An Investigaton

Post Employee-Investigation Report Template

The findings of any official investigation need to be formally recorded.

This template will provide a starting point to make sure this process is properly documented.

Post Employee-Investigation Report Template

Employee Disciplinary Form Template

If you have exhausted other avenues and employee disciplinary action is necessary, you want to make sure you document the process properly.

Our form template will help you through this process.

Employee Disciplinary Form Template

Letter Informing Employee Of Disciplinary Meeting

When it comes time to call an employee in to discuss disciplinary matters, how you inform the employee about the meeting is important.

Check out our employee disciplinary meeting template and get started.

Letter Informing Employee Of Disciplinary Meeting

Employee Disciplinary Meeting Notification Letter

An employee disciplinary meeting needs to be recorded and all the details of the meeting need to be documented.

Our meeting report template covers most situations.

Employee Disciplinary Meeting Notification Letter Free Download

Firing / Resignation and Former Staff

Letter of Recommendation Template

A letter of recommendation from a past employee can mean the world of difference when someone is applying for a job and the responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Take a look at one we drew up to help complete this task correctly.

how to write a letter of recommendation

Employee Resignation Checklist

Has an employee indicated to you that they are planning on resigning from your company?

Be prepared and check that you have thought about the points in our resignation checklist.

Employee Resignation Checklist Free Download

Letter Congratulating a Retiring Employee Template

If you have a member of staff retiring soon, check out our letter congratulating a retiring employee.

It fits most situations and is free to download and use in your business.

Retirement Wishes to Colleague

Wrongful Termination Pre-Termination Checklist

A wrongful termination lawsuit in a small business can be hard to recover from. If you are thinking about terminating a member of your staff first ask yourself the right questions.

Our wrongful termination checklist should be completed and shown to a legal professional prior to any final decisions being made.

Legal Termination of Employment

Employee Firing Checklist

The termination process can be fraught with legal land-mines if note approached correctly.

If you are at the point where termination is the only option, check out our termination checklist.

We have put together a standard checklist that we think covers most small business situations.

Employee Firing Checklist Free Download